Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fall 2010

First Day of School- September 2010!! Look at those cute kids! My third-grader...

A pre-firster....

Another pre-firster...

...and another pre-firster! (Showing us his booty... oh Charlie...)

Soph and Charlie were lovingly greeted at the door (and are everyday) by their new teacher Mrs. Malkowicz... (LOVE her!)

Henry was so excited to have art supplies at the ready in Mrs. Dale's class (love her too!)

The trio started soccer- all on the same team- it was such a blast! Henry making a power kick...

... very cute little goalie...

We returned to our favorite pumpkin patch!

Mags and Charlie got new glasses! I wish I had a picture to go here of Mags in her glasses, but alas, I can't find one... Maybe in my late Fall/Winter post... :)
Much of MY September/October was spent in preparation for the Tacoma Dome Holiday Food & Gift Festival - the hard work paid off- the space looked great and it was a successful (albeit exhausting) endeavor!

Okay, more Fall to follow!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Summer 2010, Part TWO

We took our inaugural trip to the Oregon Coast this Summer- two nights in Seaside- what a fantastic place!! Love the ocean- and love the village-y feel of Seaside
Ok, so this pic isn't from Seaside, it's from a lake- but I had to show how filthy my child could become in a few moments time... It was a kinda chilly overcast day at the park- and despite my warnings, the Jonesies found their way into the lake. And into the sand. And back into the new Suburban. Oh well...

Henry, Sophia and Charlie decided this was the year... the Year of the Birthday Split. The year we had two birthday parties instead of one...
So Charlie and Henry chose to have a Star Wars "Jedi Training Academy" party with all their male friends. They swam in the pool and had treats. They got super awesome T-Shirts that said "Property of Jedi Training Academy".

...They went outside for some intense Jedi training, when who should appear from the woods- but
The Dark One. The Sith Lord.
The battle was intense. Darth had some moves, but he was outnumbered about 16:1. Even the chosen one can't beat those odds.

Victory was swift and sweet.

(okay, it's really a pinata, but isn't that realistic looking?)

So the next day, it was time for Sophie's "Fancy Nancy Tea Party". She is so cute. I could eat her alive.
A darling group of little "Fancy Ladies", lovely decorations in Grandma Obray's gorgeous backyard, finger-sandwiches, cupcakes and delightful weather- it was perfect.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Summer 2010- Part ONE...

Summer started early for us this year! After Annie's fantastic Talent Show performance of the "Hoe-Down Throwdown" (that's her singing in front! Isn't she cute??)

...and another super-cute Pre-K performance (this one was the "I've Bloomed" concert)...

...and a special "half-birthday" celebration for Mr. H...

...our family left school early to attend the wedding of cousin Jessica Hauser in the Salt Lake Temple! Here are the kiddos relaxing on the bed. (Notice that Mags has an ear in each hand- she is always looking for skin when she's tired- fortunately, sibs are willing to oblige)

kiddos waiting outside while Mom and Dad attend the ceremony- GORGEOUS day!

We got to see LOTS of Jones/Hauser cousins- and cousins' kids- which was extra special! It was such a treat to see the family and enjoy that time together.

Sophie got to meet Charlotte...

and we loved on Aunt Cheri and her sweet grandbabies (Jackson and Isaac here with Mags and Henry)

Annie got to see Emily- her special buddy- and Grandma Jones in her cute red hat

and we ate our WEIGHT in icecream at the reception... (That's what happens with five kids run loose at a reception with an ice cream bar... I think this was Soph's fourth or fifth cone...)

and if that wasn't enough... we went to BYU (and had more icecream) and got indoctrinated by our parents on the merits of a BYU education... (can't start too young!! :)

(See!? They're even making a "Y" in the Wilk... Be still my heart...)

So, back home for the rest of our fake Washington Summer... ugh. I think it was maybe 60 degrees on the Fourth of July? Didn't dampen our spirits though- we had a very festive blast of a time at the Reddings

we even decorated our scooters and had a parade!
...with our own police escort

Mom left the next day to go to Girl's Camp for a week- with thirty first year girls! It was a total blast- and even made for the first summer-like break in the weather! (Finally!)

More to come!

Spring 2010 Recap

Well, I figure it's been almost a year... probably time to update the fabulous happenings of Spring 2010... It started with field trips... to the Puyallup Fair school...

...and Mud Mountain Dam

We enjoyed a fun-filled overnighter at Great Wolf Lodge with our friends the Voellgers- Nothing like an indoor water park when it's raining outside!

We had a cool kid-cabin room...
we went to storytime in the lobby at night...
and got soaked at the waterpark during the day!

Then in May, it was time for the return of MDWEFT! (For the uninitiated, MDWEFT is the Memorial Day Weekend Extravaganza of Family Togetherness)
This year we went to Fort Nisqually's living history museum (aka: Annie HEAVEN) to learn a bit about settlers in our area... very informative and very fun!

We followed our educational excursion with a trip to the "Pick Quick" Drive-in- luscious old-fashioned burgers, handcut fries and shakes (I feel my arteries clogging just typing about it). De-licous. Later we went to a movie and enjoyed some togetherness. A fun weekend for everybody!

Summer 2010 coming soon!